Chilla Junction Marketing Suite Opens

On my bike ride on Sunday I couldn’t help but notice that some additional notices had sprung up in Halwill Junction recently:

As I continued past the entrance to the Chilla Junction development I noticed a car parked behind the big house under construction on the corner. I went to investigate, and discovered that the “garage” on the original plan was currently the newly opened “marketing suite”. Not only that, but also it was even open on a damp, grey Sunday afternoon in February!

I popped in for what turned out to be a long chat with Vicky, who gave me a brochure and a site plan/specification leaflet. You can see them for yourselves on the Chilla Junction section of the Devonshire Homes web site. I explained to Vicky that my profession involved renewable energy generation, electric vehicle charging and battery storage. I was pleased to discover that the houses on the development utilise air source heat pumps, and that the garages come complete with the “plumbing” for electric vehicle chargers. I was less pleased to be informed that the lights in the marketing suite are currently kept on by a diesel generator, which could be heard rumbling away in the background. By the sound of it somewhere near the area on the Chilla Junction site plan destined to become allotments!

I also had some more technical queries, and Vicky assured me that she would put me in touch with somebody who could answer them. They are mentioned in this article which I wrote a few years ago now, and can be (very!) briefly summarised as:

Are all the homes on 3 phase electricity? Which is unusual in this country, but common elsewhere in Europe.

To be continued…

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