An Electrified Trip to Bideford

We’d never been to Westward Ho! before. Or Bideford for that matter! Hence we decided to combine business with pleasure and visit them both this afternoon.

Our conveyance for the day was Lisa, our trusty Nissan LEAF electric vehicle. She planned on taking the shortest route to Bideford, but that road was “closed”. Hence we were all forced to take a detour in the direction of Holsworthy. Lisa’s first stop was in the Torridge Council car park. Two non electric council vans were visible, but no electric vehicle charging stations were to be seen. For use by either council or visitor EVs:

On enquiring inside we were assured that there was an EV charger in the nearby Riverbank Car Park. However on popping in there Lisa discovered that whilst there was indeed a charger, but it was occupied:

On inspecting the screen on the GeniePoint charging station Lisa was disappointed to discover that the CCS and CHAdeMO connectors were useless. What’s more the Type 2 connector was being used by an EVIOS engineer to charge his MG5, presumably because of the CCS problem. Even if the MG had been elsewhere, the only working connector would have been useless for Lisa’s purposes. In Nissan’s infinite wisdom she is fitted with a US style Type 1 socket:

To be continued…

Jim Hunt

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