September Sewage Pollution in South West England

Following sewage pollution incidents all around the coast of South West England on August 31st we’ve since enjoyed/endured 6 days of an official heatwave. However that hasn’t prevented a heavy shower this morning causing the activation of several combined sewer overflows in Plymouth. Here is the Met Office’s rain radar map at 6 AM this morning:

Here is South West Water’s WaterFit Live map of Plymouth a few hours later:


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The Continuing Drought in West Devon

It became clear last week that South West Water (SWW) won’t be lifting the current hosepipe ban here in West Devon for quite some time. As a result of a process that began on August 1st, the hosepipe ban in Cornwall will be lifted on September 25th, 8 weeks later.

South West Water’s next decision point for the Roadford Water Resource Zone is later this week, on September 1st. SWW haven’t released a set of reservoir water level graphs for the week ending August 27th yet. However they have published this summary infographic today:

Here are some pictures we took earlier this week at Roadford Lake, showing what the current water level of 55% looks like in reality:

Comparing this week’s water level with last week’s graph it is clear that the “Decision point for TUB removal” on September 1st is well below the current level:


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