Moving My Art to West Devon

After finally unpacking most of my things after my enforced move from Cornwall, this afternoon I went to Camelford to pick up the last of my paintings that have been on display in Camelford Gallery.

Unfortunately a police van was blocking the road opposite the gallery, where we had arranged to park:

Fortunately there was one spare parking space further up the hill in the main street, so we didn’t have too far to carry the paintings. Which was just as well because one of them was quite big:

I have to assume that art lovers wandering through the centre of Camelford are looking for images of fishing boats bobbing about in St. Ives harbour rather than female nudes. Here’s another one of my unsold artworks, now located in my new studio here in Halwill Junction:

The good news is that my new studio is much brighter than my old one:

The cloud around the silver lining is that it gets very warm when the sun is shining brightly.

Which hasn’t happened much since I’ve been in West Devon!

Kasia Turajczyk

I am an adventurer. Throughout my life I have changed countries, places, homes, cultures and languages. I have to communicate. Change is my leitmotif, connected to the reality of our life. Almost all my art work is iconoclastic and colourful. I love powerful colours and crazy stories.

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